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USP® was founded with a sole purpose to spread positivity and empower every individual to lead a life that he/she wants to lead. USP® helps individual to understand the engineering of the mind and empower them to achieve what they want.



I had attended Ujjwal Sir’s USP® programme in Feb 2013, since then Ujjwal sir has been my friend, philosopher & guide. Whenever I face any problem, I speak to him and I get my solution. I was working in one of the Pharmaceutical Companies as a CFO. Due to stress & non-cooperation within the organization I left the company in Sep 2017. In the Month of Oct 2017 my health deteriorated so had checked my sugar level as advised by my doctor and the results were extremely fearful. I used USP’s technique and commanded my mind to think positive. After a month when I rechecked my sugar level, it was back to normalcy. Thank you Ujjwal Sir and the entire team of USP®.

- Kalpeshkumar P. Bhatt


- Dr. Shefali Bharti


Ram State did help me today to resolve my 5 months old pending payment issue of 8 lakhs. I travelled to the client’s office and waited there since morning with no sign of any improvement in the settlement. With aggression & disappointment, I left the client’s office. I channelized my mind to be in Ram’s state with focus only on the present moment. Within a couple of hours, the client called and asked me to come back to the office to collect the payment. I am extremely grateful to Ujjwal Sir for teaching me the technique to lead a happy & successful life. More power to USP®.

-Mr.Amit Jain ( Managing Director, TechnoPurple GPS Tracking )


Miss. Trupti Udeshi


It was a great privilege to attend the USP® workshop on Mahopeksha. An eye opener in a true sense. The team of the great personality Shri Ujjwal and the dynamic Mr Rahul as trainers and benefactors towards understanding the great potential within ourselves that can be unleashed through our own efforts was an incredible learning. To think positively and the method to do so will go a long way towards a fulfilled life. Thank you, Team USP®.

- Prakash Nair

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