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What Makes USP®️ Different?

This unique program is not just alternative therapy; it's a powerful system based on ancient wisdom found in epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavad Gita and the Theory of Memetic Resonance® The system is unique as it creates an awakening of the inner mind (the sub conscious) to release the tremendous energy within.

USP®️ as a system is unique, as in it creates an awakening of the inner mind (the sub conscious) to release the tremendous energy within

Join thousands of satisfied participants who have achieved remarkable outcomes, from realizing their dream homes to cracking exams, shedding unwanted kilos, overcoming addiction, and restoring marital harmony. With a success rate of 90%, this system is your gateway to tapping into your limitless potential.

The system doesn’t preach, it doesn’t motivate, it empowers you to actually use the techniques correctly to release the power within.  

Mastery Through Discipline: Gain the tools to manage high energy levels and achieve lasting results.

Effort Multipliers: Learn to harness this energy to propel your efforts towards success.

Awaken Your Inner Power: Discover the secrets to unlock the immense energy within your subconscious mind.

   6.  CEOs, CFOs & other top level management mavericks

   5.  Corporates

   4.  Housewives

   3.  Students

   2.  Working Professionals

   1.  Entrepreneurs

The programs are targeted to everyone and anyone who wishes to succeed in their life. Be it growing financially, nurturing personal relationships or wanting a steady career growth, you can channelize your success and transform your life.


Mr. Ujjwal Uke (Founder of Ujjwals System of Productivity)

Mr.Ujjwal Uke

Our Leader


Success Expert: Proven track record in guiding individuals towards achieving their goals.


Thought Therapy Pioneer: Creator of USP Mahopeksha®️, a unique system based on ancient wisdom.


Transformation Catalyst: Empowers individuals to remove limiting beliefs and achieve breakthroughs.


Mind Architect: Teaches methods to reshape thinking patterns for peak performance.

Led by acclaimed trainer Mr. Ujjwal Uke, who has guided over 12,000 individuals worldwide, including in India, UK, Australia, and the US, this highly interactive course promises profound personal growth.


Creator of USP Mahopeksha®️: Developer of this unique system based on ancient wisdom.


Propounder of Memetic Resonance®️: The revolutionary theory which never ceases to stun.


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